The Publishing House "Akademska Knjiga"

The publishing house “Akademska knjiga” was founded in July 2006 with the aim of publishing important scholarship in the Social Sciences and the Humanities by national and international authors.

The quality of these publications has established “Akademska knjiga” as a respected and renowned publishing house.

Its policy is to publish books of permanent value which will enlarge the knowledge of contemporary readers, but also be of interest to future generations.

Apart from choosing prominent authors and translators, special attention is paid to the technical arrangement and high production quality of books, in order to enhance the experience of the readers and ensure their confidence.


Akademska Knjiga
Director Mrs. Bora Babić
Vojvode Mišića 1
21000 Novi Sad


Phone: + 381 21 65 71 610
Fax: + 381 21 47 24 924
Mobile: + 381 63 521 179