Published Volumes

Volume No. 3

Andreas Külzer, Veronika Polloczek, Mihailo St. Popović (eds.)
Raum und Geschichte: der historische Atlas ‘Tabula Imperii Byzantini (TIB)’ an der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften

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The Long-Term Project “Tabula Imperii Byzantini (TIB)” (Institute for Medieval Research, Division of Byzantine Research) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences was founded in 1966. It is a very active and innovative scholarly endeavour and at the same time a keeper of TIB data sets (slides, photographs etc.), which are of remarkable importance …

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Volume No. 2

Andreas Külzer(eds.)
Herbert Hunger und die Wiener Schule der Byzantinistik

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On 9 December 2014, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Herbert Hunger (1914–2000), the founder of the Institute of Byzantine Studies (today: and Modern Greek Studies) of the University of Vienna and long-standing president of the Austrian Academy of Sciences would have celebrated his hundredth birthday. On this occasion, distinguished scholars from different parts of Europe and the United States of …

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Volume No. 1

Andreas Külzer, Mihailo St. Popović (eds.)
Space, Landscapes and Settlements in Byzantium. Studies in Historical Geography of the Eastern Mediterranean Presented to Johannes Koder

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On the occasion of the 75th birthday of Professor Dr. Johannes Koder the project leaders of the Long-Term Project Tabula Imperii Byzantini (TIB) at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Prof. Dr. Andreas Külzer and Doz. Dr. Mihailo Popović, have invited 21 renowned scholars from the academic fields of …
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